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Memorandum and Network


On Supporting Lifelong Learning in the Malokarpatsky Region

We invite educational, cultural, awareness-raising civic and other organizations operating in the Malokarpatsky Region to join the initiative aimed at supporting the development of lifelong learning culture in the region. We hope to raise awareness of the need for lifelong learning and the benefits of adult education for individuals and society. We aim at creating a space for cooperation in this area.


Our effort is based on the Lifelong Learning and Counselling Strategy for 2021-2030, which was adopted by the Government of the Slovak Republic in November 2021:


“The main goal of the lifelong learning strategy is to ensure lifelong access to learning opportunities, developing skills and competencies throughout life, ‘from cradle to grave’, at every stage of life and with regard to individual needs and circumstances, so that everyone can fulfill their potential in personal, work, and civic life.”

Our ambition is to create a space or a platform within the Malokarpatsky Region where the information on educational opportunities for citizens will be available, and where the number of such opportunities will grow, thanks to collaboration of stakeholders and support of the local governments, which we will seek.

The partners can participate in cooperation, for example, in the following ways:

  • Share information about educational activities in the region and other learning opportunities on your social networks;

  • Where possible, include adult learners in the target groups of your educational events;

  • Declare support for lifelong learning through the website;

  • Promote lifelong learning - your activities and various educational resources and opportunities (e.g., via

    the web ( or a community group managed by Geopark Malé Karpaty);

  • Invite each other to educational events;

  • Look for opportunities to link educational events of partners or organize joint educational events;

  • Promote online educational modules on green and civic competencies available at;

  • Actively exploit the online learning modules for your own events;

  • Participate in the discussion group on the EPALE platform;

  • Share information and data about the interests and needs of adult learners.


List of partners, supporters of the initiative for the development of lifelong learning in the Malokarpatsky Region:


Academia Istropolitana Nova (AINova) is a civil association based in Svätý Jur, SK, which since its foundation in 1996 has contributed to the development of a culture of lifelong learning through educational, cultural and outreach activities, research and consultation in cooperation at regional, national and international level.


This Memorandum has been created to support the dissemination of the results of the Learning Forward 21 project, , which is co-funded by the European Union through the Erasmus+ programme.

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